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The History of Corporate Cleaning 

Just like any company, I started off small -very small. It was me, myself and I. I also knew that I appreciated a clean environment around me and was good at maintaining it. Starting off in houses with my mother at a young age I learned the secret of how to clean and be good at it. The secret was "do it right the first time and your costumer will appreciate your business." Pretty simple philosophy but it is surprising more companies do not understand it.
After I moved out on my own, it was my main objective to run my life and survive. House after house, client after client I built a very good reputation for myself based on my personality and cleaning skills. That was when I knew that this would be my career and my livelihood. Having built relationships with all my clients I knew I could start a business and be quite successful. Now 15 years later nothing has changed, I still care for all my clients and employees and do what I do best. And that is to have a successful company that all my customers appreciate and respect.

            Thanks again,
            Pamela Wise - President

To behave responsibly and ethically towards our coworkers and clients at all times.
•To build a business that has a reputation for quality work and honesty.
•To provide our clients all their janitorial needs, in a quality manner.
•To treat our clients with courtesy and in a professional manner, and to establish long term business relationships with them.
•To treat our employees with the respect they deserve and to keep their working environment safe, profitable, and enjoyable.
•To provide jobs that help people reach their goals in life.
•To operate a business for which we have enthusiasm and pride.
•To not sacrifice our integrity and high standards in the pursuit of growth.
•To be better than our competition!

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